I am using this blog to chart my journey as I get involved with stitched textiles again after a gap of twenty odd years. I've tried once or twice recently to get started, but time - the lack of it - got in my way. Now seems right though, and this online diary will be my reminder not to let it slip through my fingers again.
Wish me luck.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Next Lesson Learned

This is going to be a pictureless ramble tonight. I'm just saying in advance that you don't need to read through it if you have stumbled on this blog. I'm putting my thoughts down for my own benefit really, and I expect it to be pretty boring for anyone else. Hopefully as time goes on there will be something worth looking at.

The next lesson learned is that however much I want to get lost in this new work, I can only spare a small amount of time to it. In the past, that was enough to put me off, to give it up and stash it away out of sight and out of mind.
But I'm going to persevere and maybe I'll either get good at using the precious time fruitfully, or I'll manage to eke a little more time to myself.
Either way, I'm on the road now and intend to keep going.
This afternoon I put a very few more stitches into my practice piece but then decided quite quickly that it should be put in the sketchbook at this stage and labelled as the important first step. And leave it at that.
Keeping to the theme of circles, I'm going to make up a little piece to try out some ideas which have been going round in my head and keeping me from sleeping.
This will be the second step. I'm going to keep to monochrome for the time being - in fact I think this next piece will be almost all white, with just the tiniest touch of colour in a very muted way.
I've assembled a motley collection of fabrics, threads and bits and pieces. Much more than I will need, but I prefer to have plenty to work with. I still have a couple of fabrics I want to add, but that will have to wait until Monday and I'll go looking.
This will be Practice Piece No 2, but it will have an element of planning in it, whereas No1 was completely random.
Part of the creative process is knowing when to stop something and move on. I won't put No1 into the sketchbook just yet. It will probably stay at my side and I can test out ideas on it as I go along. but it has been worthwhile.
I'm keen to make a start on No2, but the fabrics I need will be a major element in the piece so I will just have to be patient until I find them. I'll use the next day or so to consolidate some ideas.

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  1. Hi Marion, goodness some of your work is so neat! My favorites are the monochrome 'tufty' one, your header & the orangy one under your pic. I started on canvas a million years ago with tapestry. It's a good strong base, good to start back with & you can stitch anythig to it!
    Thanks for joining :)