I am using this blog to chart my journey as I get involved with stitched textiles again after a gap of twenty odd years. I've tried once or twice recently to get started, but time - the lack of it - got in my way. Now seems right though, and this online diary will be my reminder not to let it slip through my fingers again.
Wish me luck.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Getting Somewhere

Here is the fruit of another few hours this afternoon.
It doesn't look like much as yet, but I do believe I'm going in the right direction.
This will most likely only get as far as the sketchbook, but there were one or two things I was wanting to try out which have been floating about in my head for a day or two.
It has been so tempting to ditch the monochrome theme, but I'm persevering for the time being if only to rein myself in from running before I walk, as it were.
There was no thought or planning beforehand here, just cut some squares of different white fabrics, bonded them on to the canvas and started stitching. Of  course the circles theme had to be present as well.
I think the afternoon's labours have been worthwhile if only to allow some healthy self criticism - I know what hasn't worked, but also some parts which are worth pursuing.
Anyway, I've found this little piece of vintage canvaswork ( circa 1980) which I never finished but has a circle of tufting stitch in the centre.
And a few other old bits.
Hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow as well - I'm on a roll here!


  1. Your work is wonderful and very inspiring. I love the way you combine canvas and all kinds of fabric. Curious how the white piece is going to evolve.

  2. Your work is as karin said, just inspiring...love all your work..you are so creative.

  3. Intrigued to see what happens next. The softness of the new work is lovely and delicate. Really enjoy getting glimpses of past work too. Very inspiring.

  4. Love the white, it's so tempting to add color!I'm enjoying a bit of 'slow cloth' myself. Lovely colors in the older work.